4 Cool Bar Trunk Designs You Should Consider

Although for the longest time now, people had a peculiar liking for bar carts, people are now moving towards bar trunks because they offer more top-tier style. An ideal bar trunk offers ample room to store your bottles of liquor and wine, including bar tools and glassware, especially if you are always on the move. Bar furniture above all has got to be robust so you can comfortably stash away your liquor chest in one piece.

However, inasmuch as bar trunks are cool and all, there are many different types of trunk bar designs in the market, which can easily make it challenging to get your desired one. Nevertheless, this post will help you get to know the nitty-gritty of bar trunks, what you need to consider before buying and some cool designs to look out for. Continue reading to learn more.

Trunk Bar Ideas

Here are some cool designs of bar trunks you can consider adding to your collection.

1. Custom Mini Bar Trunk

This is a French-inspired trunk bar with an upright but portable design that allows you to take the party with you wherever you want to go. It features a rugged cotton blended exterior that comes with a touch of chocolate brown leather trim. It is entirely crafted by hand and includes a pair of solid brass bottom roller wheels for portability. Furthermore, it features a forward-leaning rack, drop-down shelves and a chambered lid housing to hold enough of your whiskeys. Plan an intimate yet fun party at these amazing small venues in Calgary.

2. Farmhouse Style Steamer Trunk

This white-washed bar trunk is hand-built with a touch of French-inspired designs. It comes with nickel-plated locking, lid lift and leather handles. Also, the body is beveled to ensure a seal to protect it from your wares. There is plenty of storage room inside to allow you to bring the party anywhere specially if your hire this corporate conference planning exoerts.

3. Coffee Table Wooden Bar Trunk

Entirely built by hand, this coffee table wooded bar trunk was crafted using reclaimed wood to give it that perfect coffee table feel, which is perfect for multiple uses. One look and it immediately feels like an antique trunk that comes with adequate storage for your liquor and wine wares. It also features leather handles for easy mobility. Also, there is a central lift at the front to facilitate the same.

4. Antique Green Canvas Steamer Bar Trunk

This is a beautiful early 1900’s green canvas steamer trunk that has been previously fully restored. Therefore, all of its fancy touches, including the original brass plating, are still very much intact. Furthermore, the fibre binding, metallic bottom and refinished hardwood slats give it its classic antique look for your finely aged wines and liquor.

What to Consider when Buying

Since all these trunks come in different sizes and designs, there are a couple of things you should consider, including:

  • Storage space: An under counter wine cooler is designed to be installed under counter space. You might also need space for more than just mixers and liquor. Sometimes you may need to carry along accessories like hand juicers, straws, napkins and citrus peelers if you want to enjoy fantastic cocktails. You can find an honest Danby designer review at
  • Manoeuvrability: Since you don’t want to keep running back and forth to get missing tools or glasses, look for a trunk bar that can easily function as an end table, coffee station or liquor storage. Find out whether can you store beer in a wine cooler or not.
  • Allowance for tighter fits: This means that your bar trunk should allow for easy movement but with dimensions that let them fit anywhere. Buying an under counter wine fridge could be the best option if you love keeping a bunch of wine at home.

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