3 Ways to Have a Summer Garden All Year Round

One of the features of a perfect home is a garden that you can be proud of. When the weather perks up in summer, you want to be able to play with the kids outside or host a barbecue with friends. But all too often, that great garden that you invested in just can’t withstand the colder months. The key to building a lasting, attractive garden is picking features that have a summery feel as well as durable qualities.

Here are three ways to build a lasting garden that shines – not only when the sun decides to show, but all year round.

  1. On the Ground

What you choose to cover your ground with is key to your garden’s beauty and sustainability. There are a range of paving materials available, each with their own unique qualities. Asphalt paving is the most popular choice because of its durability. You might also want to install shell stone tile, which is also extremely tough and comes in many colours and textures. For a summery feel, be sure to go with a soft golden cream or tan shade to create a path or patio. Don’t forget about the patio covers as well.

  1. Pick the Right Plants

For your luscious summer garden you’ll need plenty of healthy plants, not to mention bright flowers. One of the most vigorous ground plants is the Aubrieta. Tolerant of both sun and shade, it blooms with delicate flowers in the spring. When in doubt, choose no-fuss perennial flowers that come in a multitude of different species. The best thing about them is that they will always burst with colour year after year. 

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  1. Find the Furniture

One of the most important features of your garden is the perfect patio furniture. You want to be able to relax in your garden in comfortable seating that stays looking fresh and is easy to maintain. Online stores such as Shackletons Home and Garden have a great range of Wicker Rattan furniture that look great outdoors with a natural style material that gives a cosy, rustic feel. Highly sustainable with all-weather resin, it is perfect for different seasons and can be washed down easily making it a low maintenance investment.

Even if the weather outside isn’t like the Bahamas, at least when you look through the window your garden will give you that feeling of summer all year round, whatever the weather. But when the sun does come out, you can be sure to enjoy a beautiful garden with just these three simple, key features. 

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