10 Eco-friendly D-I-Y projects to completely change the look of your home!

When you think of decor, why is it that the first thing that comes to your mind is factory made, expensive and most importantly, standardised pieces that have little or nothing unique about them? Why can’t your home have a little bit of your quirky, zany and stylish persona in it? And what if all that could be done by you, with little or no monetary investment and completely D-I-Y? Here then, are 10 eco-friendly design projects that will make a significant value add to your home’s decor.

1) Porcelain Jewelry Stands:
Your home is sure to have enamelled, old bone china crockery sets you don’t use any more. Complete one’s at that with plates, saucers, egg cups etc. Here’s a great way to repurpose these once glorious, now unused plates. Use three different sized plates, elevated one upon another by the egg cups. Glue them together to form a lovely porcelain jewelry stand. You never have to lose another piece of your jewelryever again!

2) D-I-Y Holiday Decorations:
If you have some old metallic Christmas ornaments lying around the house, here’s a quick way to spruce them up in time for the holidays. It’s quite simple really, use some sandpaper to grout out the chipped paint off the spheres. Then use some paint to decorate these spheres of joy in your own imaginative, unique style.

3) Recycle old PET bottles as party favours or candy dispensers:
Got old PET bottles of soda pop lying around the house? Use them as party favours. For a kiddie party, you could fill these old pop bottles with jellybeans or candy and hand them out as takeaways or prizes. Why stop there? Create a few tags and tie them around the neck of the bottle and you could use them as centerpieces on your coffee tables. Keep the candy in them, for the kid in you.

4) Create signature gifts from discarded tin cans:
As simple as 1-2-3. Get on your computer. Design a lovely pattern in photoshop. Print it out. Wrap it around a discarded tin can, and fill it with cookies or candy (it would work wonderfully, if said cookies were baked yourself). It wuld make a thoughtful gift for absolutely anyone. They would never forget it, and long after the cookies are gone, they would still be using your can!

5) D-I-Y flower vases:
Old milk bottles can be given a new lease of life as flower vases. Simply rinse them out throughly and paint them in acrylic or glass paints. Alternatively you could also wrap them up in coils of brightly coloured wool and secure them with quick drying glue. Either of the two methods is both easy and makes a wonderful flower vase.

6) Reclaim old frames:
Old picture frames can easily be given a new lease of life with a dash of innovation. Empty an ornate old picture frame and stick a piece of wood, acrylic or hard plastic under it to make a serving tray. Spray paint an old frame and use it to frame the edges of your old coffee table, thus giving both a new lease of life.

7) Record the walls up:
Quite iterally. If you have old records of different sizes, all you need to do is paint them all in vivid shades and then arrange them in an eyecatching pattern atop your walls.

8) Tree branch shelves:
Bring a little bit of the outdoors inside, with an ornamental tree branch shelf. Made literally from the branch of a tree, the essential things you need for this crafty DIY project is a tree branch, some screws and a saw. Simply find your desired tree branch, trim off any excess bumps, and use screws to drill the tree branch into your wall. Remember, unlike commercially manufactured shelving units, the tree branch shelves are meant for ornamental display, so don’t keep anything to heavy on it.

9) Use old tees as pillow cases:
Old tees can easily be reimagined as pillow cases. Remember the more colourful and psychedelic or zany your old tee is, the more uber creative your pillow case would be.

10) Furry stools:
Got a bit of your mom’s old 70s shag carpetting lying around, looking hideous on the floor. Reimagine that ugly piece of work by dyeing it in a bold colour and using it to cover a few footstools. You will be reinventing both the items and adding a new dimension to the room’s overall decor.

Being creative and passionate about the look of your home is all you need, in addition to a wee bit of imagination and inspiration to completely change the look of your room!

Christie Baker is an interior designer, who is a passionate advocate of eco-friendly design. She advises clients on how to make stunning changes to their spaces with minimal cost and a significant reduction in their carbon footprint.

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